Logan Zillmer is going to make images, whether you ask him to or not (though, he does get really excited when you do). There is an obsessive nature in the way that he works. For him, the cure for everything is to make work.

He is driven by ideas. He is fascinated by mystery, especially with finding it in the quotidian. He loves comedy and tragedy best when they are paired together, and much of his work runs, in varying degrees, along that axis. Aesthetically, he is drawn to the American landscape and scene, suburban communities, simplified color schemes, interesting characters, and above all, the mysterious, transporting quality of light and atmosphere. 

He has a degree in film production. He has a weird attachment to things that are made with care and last a long time. He watches too many movies, has a childlike affinity for nature and mystery, has energy all of the time, prefers talking to texting, still buys DVDs, and may or may not be involved in a full-on love affair with curry. He is a super amicable guy who truly loves creativity and being around creative people. He is passionate and confident and excited about everything he does, and this is magnified when he discovers those same qualities in other people. This makes productions with him very smooth and fun, and in turn, makes the work of the highest quality. He is most happy when he is with his family and when he is on set or on location making images with other creative people. Give him a call, he'd love to chat.

Select Clients

  • Converse
  • Sonar Entertainment
  • Fairlife
  • National Geographic
  • Orlando Magic
  • Global Trade Magazine
  • Inc. Magazine
  • Ramp
  • Psyop
  • Miranda
  • This Old House
  • National Heritage Academies
  • Autoweek
  • Quanta Magazine
  • Capitol Records
  • Tumblr
  • The New York Times - T Magazine
  • Christianity Today
  • WirtschaftsWoche (business weekly)
  • Architect At Large
  • Missouri Review
  • Philosophie Magazine
  • John Ruvin Eyewear
  • Lens Magazine
  • Amorim Cork
  • A Pleasant Dog
  • Dylan's Donut Palace


Full Sail University - Film Degree (2005)

Select Features

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  • Whitefish Review "Ladder View" February 2018.
  • Tabi-Labo "Mysterious pictures that 'fuse' real world with humor." April 2017
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