This was an image that I had in mind for a couple of years. It originally was a stand-alone image, then was going to be part of a series, and is now again a stand alone image. I put this image off for a while because I wasn't entirely sure how I was going to create it, and have it look the way that I wanted without much of a budget. I sat on it for a while and then it finally came together in my head.

I knew I wanted to shoot everything on location, and I knew I wanted everything to be "real." I decided on the Porsche because it fit the story, and it's motor sits in the rear. This would allow for more dramatic damage to the hood without having to also damage a motor as well. 

I made a template of the real hood. 


I found the most generic size and shaped hood I could and bought it. Then, with the help of my assistant and prop extraordinaire, Dylan, we cut it to fit the template.   

Then we very strategically beat the hell out of it. 

For the meteorite, I asked the extremely talented artist Natalie Wetzel... and she delivered a beauty. 

Now we were ready to shoot.

And the final image...

I am happy with the final image. I wanted it to convey a sense of mystery and psychosexual tension, and I think it does that. 

*On set bts images: Mark Andrus